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Is your teen abusing substances?
What You Will Learn Inside This FREE Guide:

The Tell-Tale Signs Of Teen Addiction

As a parent, it is hard to know the difference between your normal teenage rebellion and a dangerous addiction. This guide will help you to determine what kind of help your teen needs!

The Best Way to Talk to Your Teen About Their Substance Abuse

Addressing the problem early gives your teen the best chance of success. We've included a list of do’s and don’ts to help ensure the best possible outcome when you talk with your teen.

Learn When it's Time to Call-In Professional Help

As a parent, watching your teen live through a life of addiction can be painful and heartbreaking. This free guide will create a clear path towards breaking the chemical and emotional bonds of addiction.

By the 8th grade, 52% of adolescents have consumed alcohol, 41% have smoked cigarettes and 20% have used marijuana.

Is Your Teen Experimenting With Drugs & Alcohol?
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The Ultimate Guide to Teen Drug Abuse
50% of Teens Have Abused Drugs or Alcohol
As parents, it’s easy to forget the challenges our teens face in our popularity-driven culture. The overwhelming pressure of fitting in, the emotional toll of rejection, and the stress of academic success can all increase a teenager’s risk of caving in to any number of dangerous behaviors.

For some teens, drug and alcohol abuse is a tool to fit in or cope with the hardships of growing up. 

At this point, you are fed up with your teen's poor choices. You don't want to overreact, but you definitely don't want to under-react either. Things have gotten bad and you aren't sure what the best "next step" is.

Download this free guide now to learn all about the signs and symptoms of teen addiction, the best way to confront your teen, and when your teen needs help from a professional.

Free Consultation With A Teen Substance Abuse Specialist

Hi I'm Austin Davis

I help teens overcome drug addiction by forming pathways to a new lease on life.
I do this through my ‘Christ-centered’ recovery programs, which offer a structured and therapeutic environment where teen boys can finally experience freedom from addiction.

The Teen Drug Abuse 101 Guide is designed to help parents, just like you, navigate the treacherous path of teen substance abuse. This roadmap will help your family, as your teen breaks free from the physical, mental, social and spiritual bonds of chemical dependency.

In the early stages of addiction, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between typical teenage angst and the symptoms of a growing substance abuse problem...

With this guide in hand, you eliminate all the guesswork - helping you towards taking the next steps in your teen lead a new legacy through safe and sustainable recovery.
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